About this site

The information age is a blessing to anyone raised with access to the internet. However as the web reaches its maturity, more has never meant less. In this day and age the amount of misinformation on the web has extremely diluted the amount of useful information out there. This website is my personal journey in keeping myself afloat in this sea of misinformation. Keeping my head above water and not losing track of what's important and what's worth my time, when our attention has become the most sought after commodity in big-tech.

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About me

I am a Computer and Biomedical engineer that was recruited out of university to work on next-gen EVs . Although I have already graduated , I identify as a student. And always will. Learning to me is holistic; there is always something to learn, everywhere, all the time. I started this website with no intentions to publicize it in any way. This website is my personal journey into growing as a human being by articulating my thoughts, opinions, and experiences in blog posts.

I am also a strong believer in volunteer work as I owe the World Scout Movement and my scouts group a lot of who I am today. I also owe a lot to swimming that disciplined me beyond anything else, second to my parents of course.

Oh, and English is not my first language so bear with me if there are any blunders.

My philosophy

As a student I will never hold onto an opinion wholeheartedly. I am open to listening to the other side, always. My 'Opinion' posts shall always follow the Socratic method as I believe it to be a time-tested method of communication that always leads well-meaning people closer to the Truth.

Where you come in

Right now, I just hope you enjoy the blog posts. Although I have no idea how you made it here in the first place. As I said, I have no intention of publicizing this website any time soon.

P.S. Most of the blogs posted are still sandboxes of ideas and incomplete, publishing them is a personal excercise of managing my neurotic perfectionism.

Contact me

If you have any comments, or just want to start a conversation. Reach me at contact@melsagh.com